I am Mona Ortner,

a communication design student

and photographer.

beach stories

A beach is an unusual place between public and intimacy, between urban life and uncontrollable nature. In this photo series, I ask myself, how does this in between space affect us and how do we affect it?
I love discovering new perspectives and finding beauty in unexpected places. I think that capturing the connection I make with my subject allows me to create images that are both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful. This is a collection of portraits I have taken over the past year.
A few weeks ago I bought two lilies and photographed them every few days on my kitchen table. I captured the progression of the plant from bud to falling leaves. It was just beautiful to observe a plant so closely over several days.
For every pair of 'good socks' sold, another pair is donated to those in need. My enthusiasm for the brand motivated me to contact Maria (the owner of ‘good socks’) via Instagram and offer my support. Finally, I realized the project during a spontaneous summer holiday photo session with friends.
Rita is a dancer and jewellery designer. In her work, she focuses on natural structures and mindfulness. I am very happy that I was asked to be the photographer for Rita's first collection.
I am currently studying at the Burg Giebichenstein Kunsthochschule Halle. In the last two years i had the chance to work with several different lecturers and colleagues on a wide range of different projects. This is an excerpt.
Peace, relaxation and well-being. The unique architecture and the intense feeling of comfort make a stay at Hofgut Hafnerleiten unforgettable. I have been working freelance for the extraordinary hotel in Lower Bavaria for two years. Besides photography, I am also responsible for social media marketing.
I spent five months in Kampala, in a Catholic parish. Kampala is the capital of Uganda and a city full of contradictions, which are also reflected in the culture of the Catholic Church. Photography was a way to capture and share my experiences during this time.